Paul Gilbert(non-registered)
hey! nice shot! btw, I'm not the real paul gilbert hahaha
alex reyes(non-registered)
nice one pre! Congrats! more to come!
Pre, ang galing talaga ng finger mo, mapagitara o photography,
Great Job !
really nice nice galleries Sonny enjoyed viewing your photos
Sjaak Koole(non-registered)
Nice work Sonny. Amazing images - each of them!
Hey Sonny boy, great stuff, very pro. Keep shooting, but don't forget to pull some strings every now and then, dude.
Sonny, congratulations! Meron ka palang bagong istambayan. Takbo nga kami pero late pa rin kaming nakarating sa iyong gallery, papano maraming tao at haba ng pila. But it is worth visiting --- satisfaction guaranteed!!! Keep the midnight oil burning...
Virna Amanonce(non-registered)
nice i'm thinking maybe we should go there to get our family picture a professional ;)))

better yet... you can come over and get new subjects, like the Statue of Liberty, New York City skyline, Time Square, Grand Central Station, Central Park.... autumn in New York... and us...
Dick Olivera(non-registered)
Excellent photos Sonny! I'm proud of you Bro. Keep your passion alive!!!
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